Rehoboth Spa Lounge

At Rehoboth, we provide the following services for your pleasure.

Any of these services can be packaged tending to your personal needs.

To see the details of different treatments, click on the link below or use the drop-box on the header.

Facial Therapy

Unless otherwise noted, all facials including microdermabrasion and light/photo-energy therapies include cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction of impurities and essential massage of face, neck, shoulders, hands and the scalp to promote circulation and smoothness of skin leading to long lasting results.


All Microdermabrasion treatments include European Facial with post treatment mask with Crystal Resurfacing abrades the epidermis twice throughout the face including the neck for maximum results.

Body Therapy

With an exception to Deep Cleansing Back Facial, all body treatments accompany a gentle soothing rain massage of vichy shower to further add invigorating feel to your spa experience.

Massage Therapy

Before you start your massage, we highly recommend that you discuss your goals with our therapists to maximize therapeutic effectiveness.

Nail Therapy


Waxing Therapy

Rehoboth knows that a good waxing job is a must for all clients. So, we have brought in our special wax (Azulene Chamomile Turquoise Wax) for sensitive areas to minimize swellings, redness and pain. We also carry many fine post-waxing products to prevent redness and ingrown hairs. Ask for complementary samples.