Rehoboth Spa Lounge knows that a good waxing job is a must for all clients. Hence, we have brought in our special wax (Azulene Chamomile Turquoise Wax) for sensitive areas to minimize swellings, redness and pain. We also carry many fine post-waxing products to prevent redness and ingrown hairs. Ask for complementary samples. Please consult with our waxing specialist or manager for further details.

Eyebrow     $15
Eyebrow (tweezing)    $20
Eyebrow Shaping   $22
Lip    $12
Chin    $15
Cheek    $17
Underarm    $20
Face line    $25
Bikini     $30
French Bikini    $40
Semi-Brazilian Bikini     $50
Brazilian Bikini     $60
Full Arm    $40
Half Arm    $25
Full Leg    $60
Upper Half Leg    $35
Lower Half Leg    $30
Chest    $35
Shoulder    $20
Back    $55