Massage Therapy

30 min $55      60 min $100      90 min $150
Utilizing massage oils and/or creams, swedish massage offers soft to medium pressure with the long kneaded strokes relieving tensions and knots where needed.

30 min $60      60 min $110      90 min $150
Experience the dual-action of massage and aromatherapy. Utilizing carefully selected botanical oils derived from plants and flowers, the body is massaged away of unwanted toxins, tensions, and knots.

30 min $60      60 min $110      90 min $150
This is a strong pressure massage concentrated on relieving pains and tensions on the deepest layer of the muscle tissues.

30 min $60      60 min $110      90 min $150
Sports massage is centered for athletes in keeping their muscles and tissues in best condition. Sports massage is great before or after an event, as it prepares the body for maximum performance through loosening muscles to achieve greater flexibility. It is also great for those wanting to flush out toxins and speed up recovery time.

30 min $60      60 min $110      90 min $150
Prenatal massage helps to drain excessive fluids that causes discomfort, and focuses on relieving aches and pains associated during pregnancy. Prenatal massages also aids in achieving relaxation and increase in breathing techniques necessary for labor and delivery.

Not recommended during the first trimester.

30 min $50     60 min $95
A method of ancient healing art that relieves nervous tension of the body through the application of finger pressures onto the feet. Parts of the foot are known to correspond to a specific part of the body and hence, treating the foot can have a relaxing and healing effect on the whole body.

60 min $120     75 min $150     90 min $190
An ultimate indulging treatment, Hot Stone Massage incorporates swedish or shiatsu massage with the deep penetrating heat of the basalt stones placed and glided on charka points through the body.

** Highly recommend at least 75 min of Hot Stone Massage for deep relaxation.

90 min $150
The perfect union of full body massage with reflexology. Rehoboth Body Balancing Massage starts out by detoxifying the body then fully reviving the internal energy through reflexology. (60 minute swedish body massage and 30 minutes reflexology massage)

60 min $200
Enjoy the benefits of swedish massage together in our private couple’s room to promote overall health, healing and togetherness. Great for anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day or any other special day.

10 min $17     15 min $25    20 min $34
A brief but effective massage where shoulders, neck, and lower back is the main concentration to relieve tensions, knots, and aches.