Facial Therapy

30 min $65
This express facial provides the effect of energizing the skin without experiencing any pains of extraction through cleansing, steaming, massage and an energizing mask.

60 min $100
Deeply purifies the skin by utilizing highly concentrated botanical formulas as it goes through essential pore cleansing, steaming, gentle exfoliation, extraction, and a purifying masque to restore suppleness, and self-radiance.

60 min $125
This facial treatment utilizes enzyme peeling for an intensive and deep pore cleansing for all skin types. It removes horny layers of the epidermis and provides the skin for meticulous cleansing while promoting stimulation of cell metabolism.

70 min $135
A deep cleansing facial that utilizes powerful anti-bacterial formulas along with an organic oatmeal to boost immune function of the skin to calm irritations, relieve itchings of the skin associated with eczema, rosacea and rashes. It is also an excellent treatment for those with sun or wind-burned skin.

70 min $160
This facial treatment utilizes advanced anti-acneic complex that target impurities such as acne, blemishes and/or unbalanced sebaceous activities from the root of the problem through deep pore cleansing, balancing overproduction of sebum, detoxification of toxins through lymphatic drainage massage, and followed by calming rubberized masque.

30 min $65
As the most delicate area of the human facial structure, the eyes goes through intensive treatments of improving appearance of fine lines, swellings, puffiness, dark circles and/or other imperfections it may have. It leaves behind dramatic results.
As an add-on 15 min $40

70 min $145
A revolutionary exfoliating treatment that reduces visible signs of pre-mature aging for dry and environmentally damaged skin. This facial not only improves skin elasticity, but also tones, as it re-texturizes and combats hyper-pigmentation all in one treatment.

75 min $150
Reverse the signs of aging, sensitivity and dryness, in this all in one treatment. As collagen rich mask activates and strengthens the collagen and elastin fibers, it reduces skin inflammations, and super-hydrates skin cells for the dehydrated skin.

80 min $175
This facial is like a boot camp for those in need of an effective lifting treatment. Boosted with lifting and firming ampoules, delicate areas of the face and neck undergoes the process of “lift and firm” to provide an immediate and non-invasive lifting.

80 min $175
Formulated with brightening and hydrating ampoules, this facial treatment will help restore rough and fatigued skin to bring back bright, radiant and uniformly toned skin through hydrating of the skin cells. Excellent for those with hyper-pigmentation, discoloration and uneven skin tones.

80 min $175
As a highly concentrated anti-aging treatment, it has been formulated to super hydrate skin cells and reconstruct altered tissues to provide an unequaled reduction of appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles. It does so by combining pure sheets of polymerized, unaltered native collagen with biotechnological wrinkle diminishing ingredients. An excellent anti-aging treatment with optimal results!

  • Lactic Acid Peel 30 Facial: $150
  • Glycolic Acid Peel 30 Facial: $150
  • Salicylic Acid Peel 30 Facial: $150
  • Rejuvenating Facial Microdermabrasion: $175
    • Series of six Microdermabrasion: $875
  • Back Facial Microdermabrasion: 165
  • Upper Arm Microdermabrasion $95
  • Hands Microddermabrasion: $75
  • Series of any six Lumi Facials $925
  • Series of Lumi Facial and Neck Lift $925
  • Enzyme Peel: $25
  • Multi-Vitamin Peel $35
  • Lactic/Glycolic/Salicylic Peel: $50
  • Modelling Masque: $35
  • Collagen Masque: $50
  • Eye Treatment: $40